Best Friends Chatting

When you experience a disability, short or long term, you just don't want to worry about things.  You want to get well, or at least live without pain.  You focus on your mental health, and as you improve that, your quality of life improves.  We all want to feel like we are living.  We all want to feel we are covered.  I have aligned with various disability programs, some long term, some short.  With fifteen minutes and one simple piece of paper filled out I can shop the very best program for you and give you the choice that may make all the difference in the world should something happen.  Let me do that for you.  

This is the questionnaire I use in front of people.  If you want to complete it before we meet you can open the PDF and answer all the questions (you will want to print it and fill it out by hand, then scan it and email it to me) and I'll know everything I need to so that you can get the best disability policy for you.